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GUAVAPAY is an innovator of the latest payment technology designed for your comfort. GUAVAPAY handles all your payment services requirements, and enables seamless payments with just a CLICK!

The unique patented technology created by GUAVAPAY ensures that you’ll receive an unrivaled service experience.


In GUAVAPAY we aim to empower our customers to be free from all limitations and borders. We want to unite millions of people and businesses all over the world and provide them with the opportunity to transfer money at a fast pace while saving time. It’s essential our customers are provided with the necessary instrument to develop their businesses and depend on innovative payment services.

  • 10+
    Experience in financial and business spheres
  • 100+
    Our partnership network covers many countries
  • 10000+
    Transactions taken daily for the benefit of our clients.
  • 100000+
    service points
    Our clients can deliver or receive funds in many service points.

We develop innovative solutions for people around the world


of your financial freedom

  • Orkhan Nasibov
    Director and Shareholder
  • Elkhan Nasibov
    Executive Director, Head of Compliance and MLRO
  • Forhad Ahmed

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