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GUAVAPAY is an innovator of the latest payment technology designed for your comfort. GUAVAPAY handles all your payment services requirements, and enables seamless payments with just a CLICK!

The unique patented technology created by GUAVAPAY ensures that you’ll receive an unrivaled service experience.


In GUAVAPAY we aim to empower our customers to be free from all limitations and borders. We want to unite millions of people and businesses all over the world and provide them with the opportunity to transfer money at a fast pace while saving time. It’s essential our customers are provided with the necessary instrument to develop their businesses and depend on innovative payment services.

We develop innovative solutions for businesses and people around the world


of your financial freedom

  • Orkhan Nasibov
    Chairman of the Board
  • Grant Wyatt
  • Kamal Hasanov
    Deputy CEO
  • Stefan Henrich
    Director, Legal advisor
  • Elkhan Nasibov
    Director, CCO and MLRO
  • Forhad Ahmed

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How Partnering with GUAVAPAY Can Accelerate Your Business Growth
Partnering with the right company can make a world of difference for your organization in today's rapidly evolving business landscape. You can unlock new growth opportunities through collaboration with Guavapay as a referral partner, technical partner, strategic partner, or channel partner. In this article, we explore the numerous benefits of partnering with Guavapay and how it can propel your business forward.
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Discover® Global Network and Guavapay partnership announcement
Guavapay, a payment technology company, teams up with Discover® Global Network to broaden scheme access with memberships in acquiring and issuing.
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Business cards: Why does your business need one in 2023?
When you start a business, finances can seem complicated to manage. One of the reasons is that it’s not your personal finances anymore, but the finances of your business. In this case, business cards come in handy for tracking your business expenses. But what are the benefits of having a corporate card? Let’s see.
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