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GUAVAPAY is an innovator of the latest payments technology designed with you in mind. GUAVAPAY will take care of all your banking needs and enable seamless payments with just one click.

The unique patented technology developed by GUAVAPAY will ensure that you receive unrivalled service experience.


In GUAVAPAY we want to empower our customers to be free – free from all the limitations and borders. We want to unite millions of people and businesses all over the world and give them the opportunity to transfer money quickly and effortlessly. We want to give our customers the instruments to develop their businesses, enjoying reliable and innovative banking services. With our unique technologies and powerful solutions GUAVAPAY delivers a set of services to meet the needs of our most demanding customers.

  • 10+
    Of experience in financial and business spheres
  • 100+
    Our partnership network covers many countries
  • 10000+
    We make transactions everyday for the benefit of our clients.
  • 100000+
    service points
    Our clients can send or get funds in many service points.

We develop innovative solutions for people around the world


of your financial freedom

  • Orkhan Nasibov
    Director and Shareholder
  • Matteo Dessi
    Director, Business development
  • Forhad Ahmed
    Director, Compliance
  • Rustem Zakirzianov
    Advisory to CEO in Russia and CIS countries


Data Analyst

About the job

We are looking for passionate and enthusiastic people, who are ready to go above and beyond for the position of a Customer Support Manager. Your responsibility will be to provide our clients with information regarding our services and products.

What qualifications we're looking for

  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Advanced written and spoken English.
  • Experience working with native speakers is a plus.
  • A desire to learn and develop.

  • Benefits you get

  • Competitive salary and comfortable work place.
  • Personal performance bonuses.
  • Friendly, professional and ambitious team of professionals.
  • Opportunity to build a career and gain an experience that will serve you in a long-term perspective.

    What's new

    Cross-Border E-Commerce: A Step Towards Global Business Payments
    COVID-19 accelerated the adoption of digital payment in the Finance industry all over the world and prompted the further emergence of Cross-Border Payments. Cross-border payments breaking down traditional shopping borders has created opportunities for businesses, making it easier for them to expand to new markets and attract a broader range of customers. Despite the lockdown and impossibilities to travel, Cross-Border payments happened to be a consolidating tool that integrates different spheres, countries, and payments. The rise in digital payments has removed frictions and burdens in the transactions. Cost, speed, and reliability improvement reasoned a wider adoption of the Cross-Border payments for E-commerce.
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    E-commerce way of life in a post-pandemic world.
    A lot is said about the digital transformations and their influence caused by COVID- 19. The pandemic has highlighted the power of digital technology and accelerated the immediate future of e-commerce and its respective market. Pervasive restrictions and lockdowns made the use of e-commerce the business norm.
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    Guavapay assists businesses in adapting to new realities
    The economic crisis brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic is drastically impacting businesses. In such an environment businesses are obliged to show agility in managing company finances. In consequence, the spotlight has now fallen on fintech companies to help society level up and enable businesses to adapt to new realities.
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