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E-mail disclaimers

Confidentiality notices

The email you received is confidential and is intended only for the recipient identified in its body. It may also be legally privileged. Any use, reproduction or disclosure to any person of any part of this email, including its contents and attachments, without the express consent of the sender is not permitted and may constitute a breach of confidentiality. If you are not the recipient identified in the body of the email, please immediately delete it, permanently and securely, from all systems and devices on which it is stored, and confirm to the sender that you have done so.


The contents of the email you received do not constitute a commitment by Guavapay Limited, unless separately endorsed by an authorised representative of Guavapay Limited.

Free from viruses or malware

All recipients of emails should take steps to protect themselves and the computers and software they use. Although Guavapay Limited takes precautions to prevent viruses and other harmful code from being included in emails sent by the company, it is not possible to guarantee that any email, its attachments, contents or any links contained in it, are secure and free from viruses and other harmful code. Guavapay Limited does not represent or warrant that emails sent by it are not harmful, and does not accept responsibility for any loss or damage which may result from receiving, accessing or otherwise making use of such emails.

Privacy notice

Guavapay Limited processes your personal data in line with its Privacy Policy, which explains what personal data it collects, how and why it uses it, who it may disclose it to, your rights in relation to your personal data, and how to contact the business and supervisory authorities if you have a query or complaint about the use of your personal data. The Privacy Policy is available at

Exclusions of contractual effect

The email you received does not create and cannot be used to create a binding contract.

The email you received does not constitute an offer or an acceptance of an offer, and does not evidence any intention by the sender to enter into a binding contract.

Identification of authentic communications

An email sent by Guavapay Limited will address you by your first or last name. It will not ask you for sensitive information such as your password, or credit card details. If you think that an email purportedly sent by the business or someone on behalf of the business is suspicious, please contact to verify if the email is legitimate. Do not click on any links or open files contained in such emails before their authenticity is confirmed. Requests to provide sensitive information and to take urgent action, as well as threats of account closure are often used in attempts at fraud. Click here to learn more about how to defend yourself against phishing, spoofing and other types of fraud which may be committed by email.

Environmental responsibility

Please do not print this email unless necessary. Every unprinted email helps the environment.