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All your financial life in one place – it's GUAVAPAY. Using our unique payment platforms, we provide modern payment services and solutions to our customers.


Unique multi-currency IBAN accounts with the option of binding any bank cards in your region
Multi-currency business cards to pay in all preferable currencies
Currency exchange at the lowest rates and fees
Transfers directly from the account worldwide – MyMoneyMove (no need in account opening - just confirmation code after sending)
Acceptance of funds to the company account via international and local payment systems
The binding of cards issued by other financial institutions or banks into the GUAVAPAY account
Cards transfer from any point by your GUAVAPAY card
Online money transfers on any GUAVAPAY account on our website
Invoice payments via social networks, SMS, or mail
Instant payments for utility services (Internet, electricity, etc.), the opportunity to set automatic monthly payments
Loyalty programs for GUAVAPAY cardholders
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to GUAVAPAY account easily
Money Transfer Amount
Fee - 15 $