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5 reasons to choose Guavapay acquiring services

If you are a merchant that is in search of an advantageous and flexible provider of acquiring services - be sure that Guavapay can offer you benefits of unrivalled acquiring services. Multifunctional structure enhances interoperability and processing volumes of the transactions. It makes Guavapay one of the most reliable and progressive companies. In this article we summed up the most important points of acquiring services by Guavapay: 

  1. Reliability 

Rely on the world’s most trusted and reliable payment networks. Guavapay is a principal member of MasterCard, UnionPay payment systems. The direct cooperation with international payment systems and financial companies enables us to provide our services at flexible and reasonable prices and extend your market reach. 

  1. Diversity of payment methods

Guavapay always follows the trends and integrates the most on-rise, popular and innovative methods to improve and provide fast, convenient and frictionless services.  Thus Guavapay implements WeChat Pay,  PayPal,  Alipay, Mastercard, UnionPay International payment methods that enables customers with the choice opportunities.

  1. Functionality

E-commerce Payment Gateway (EPG) enables interaction between e-commerce merchants and an online transaction processing (OLTP) system. The functionality of the Guavapay system module supports the most advanced services in the e-commerce sphere taking into account globe trends and increase in volume of transactions. At the moment the e-commerce in MasterCard, UPI payment systems is supported by EPG module. Our EPG is PA-DSS compliant and meets the requirements of the PA-DSS adding security and reducing chargebacks and frauds. EPG delivers better customer experience by providing smooth flow of transactions. 

  1. Agility, mobility and diversity of acquiring solutions

POS is a combination of hardware and software systems to deliver agile and customizable payments acceptance services.  Guavapay supports Ingenico, Verifone, PAX and other vendors of terminal devices. 

MOBILE POS - Mobile POS-terminal enables individuals or legal entities to transact payments on bank cards via smartphone or the tablet by connecting the portative mobile POS-terminal to these devices. Main advantages of Mobile POS-terminal are its low price and compactness being the on-the-go mobile payment terminals.  Mobile POS-terminal enables the payments by magnetic stripe cards, microchip, and contactless cards of payment systems. Mobile POS-terminal is a perfect tool for delivery services, taxi order and other catering trade services to take credit cards payments on the go.

Merchant Portal - Merchant Portal is there for you for a seamless and secure checkout process that enables operators of both registered merchants and the acquirer banks to manage terminals and transactions in detail. Merchants Portal enables the merchants registered in the system to view operations performed on their terminals, to set specific restrictions, to get reports, to view current terminal statuses and use other functions of the module. User-friendly interface, high business efficiency due to dashboard to keep up with segmentation and customer data are one of the main advantages for the customer.  

  1. Security solutions

Main objective of Guavapay is to ease the online checkout process and instill customer confidence with a secured payment transaction that’s why the security and confidentiality of e-commerce transactions is provided by 3D Secure 2V and Fraud Monitoring Module and tokenization method. 

3D Secure V.2 3DS2 is a security protocol that provides an extra layer of protection for online credit and debit card purchases and thus it ensures the cardholder's authentication and protection against fraudulent transactions. 3DS2 prompts the compliance with PSD regulations and moreover, to keep up with the changing market that promotes CNP- transactions 3DS2 makes the experience more secure and user friendly. First, 3DS2 facilitates the data exchange between merchants, card-holders and issuers to achieve more accurate authentication. Due to this CNP-fraud can be easily prevented.

Another security measure that makes Guavapay’s security system more effective and reliable is Fraud Monitoring system.  The compelling system monitors transactions and detects suspicious activity resembling fraudulent transactions. In case there are some suspicious transactions it analyzes and determines whether the transaction is fraudulent or not and in positive cases it can block transactions. 

Tokenization is the process of replacing the sensitive data with another data known as token. The process is highly important since it safeguards the customer's information and prevents theft from the card. To provide frictionless and secure payment experience Guavapay offers its clients the benefits of the Apple Pay, Google Pay digital wallets and other tokenization services, as well as the virtual tokenization services by MasterPass.

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