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Flawless migration by Guavapay

The choice of the card processing provider requires scrutiny and responsibility with the implication of provider’s reliance and security importance at first instance. 

At Guavapay Limited we can help to reduce the risk and offer you a consistent processing center for rapid and flawless migration without any disruption for clients.  Guavapay is a multifunction platform with endless service opportunities for the migrating corporates. 

5 reasons why Guavapay is best for migration

1. Security

Guavapay is a high-tech company with the strongest security level that prevents all possible external interference due the multilevel security hierarchy that makes all presumably suspicious entries and other frauds impossible. 3D Secure V2, Fraud Monitoring, tokenization are the measures that provide the highest level of security to assure the customers in its reliability and confidentiality and take vigilant actions to keep data safe. Moreover, Guavapay is in compliance with the PCI DSS, PCI PIN Security and PCI 3DS requirements and undergoes the necessary audits annually.

2. Reliability

Guavapay is the service provider of the world's most trusted and major payment systems VISA, MasterCard and UnionPay International.

3. Diversity of services

Guavapay processing center offers a full suit of  Issuing and Acquiring services. 

Guavapay has comprehensive management functionalities that cover all matters in issuing such as full life-time card management, flexible commissioning and support of an extensive range of cards. Therefore Guavapay fully supports the smart cards, magnetic stripe cards and contactless cards functionalities as well as cards of VISA, MasterCard, UPI, JCB, MIR, AMEX, Discover International payments systems. All the services promote easy and fast migration reducing at minimum the customer disruption. Guavapay offers comprehensive solutions that provide innovative acquiring services such as E-commerce, POS Acquiring, ATM Acquiring and Merchant Portal. The instruments present a vast suit of services aimed at agility, speed and convenience.

4. Flawless integration 

Guavapay Integration Platform (GIP) is a set of services and technologies aimed at easy and comfortable integration and on the extension of module functionalities. With the help of GIP and API Management System (WSO2) in a sandbox environment corporate clients get the opportunity to integrate their own systems. The main aim is to provide the flexible integration of Guavapay modules with external systems.

5. Support and maintenance ease

Guavapay’s team is 24/7 available for support and additional questions. A high-qualified team by Guavapay will implement the migration in the fastest way dynamically configuring solutions with unparalleled agility and performance.

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