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Guavapay Agent Card Program for UnionPay International

What are the main features of the “Guavapay Agent Card Program for UnionPay International”?  

This is a program that will facilitate business development by providing the companies with banking function capabilities to allow them to issue their own branded cards. The program enables companies to control all the regulative matters connected with the card processing and servicing and to earn on delivering the card services to their card users. The “Guavapay Agent Card Program for UnionPay International” offers comprehensive interoperability and diverse services. The “Guavapay Agent Card Program” is a tailor-made product to fit with the customers’ business model. Companies either with a large client base or with a wide employee range – they all get access to opportunities to facilitate their payments matters with the help of the “Guavapay Agent Card Program for UnionPay International”. 

Let’s take a simple example. 

You own a company with a big number of employees and other staff range, such as freelancers or hired employees. Undoubtedly, it would benefit your company, if you could optimize both payment and money issues through your own system - a challenging task that, however, demands additional efforts and adds workload though. And here the “Guavapay Agent Card Program” is at help by offering a wonderful chance to become a part of the payment system by enabling your company to issue your own branded cards and control the payments by reloading payments for your staff and employees. 

How does it work? 

An e-wallet account is opened at Guavapay and your company is registered as the Guavapay’s agent in British regulator FCA.

After all necessary procedures for the card issuing have been completed, you will get access to the system called the “Agent Module”. Here you can regulate the card management matters, such as the Settlement and the Reconciliation of payment transactions. 

The “Guavapay Agent Card Program” is a perfect way to build your brand loyalty by issuing the White label and Co-brand cards. The branded cards with their own characteristic design, symbols, and logos are one of the most optimal ways to enhance the customer experience and accelerate the brand awareness.

Besides, an expanding market of the electronic payments enlarges as per the consumers’ growing preferences for online facilities. The improved technologies by the Guavapay provide possible access to online facilities, such as internet banking and mobile app opportunities, which your company can offer to the cardholders giving convenient, flexible, and secure access to funds. The cardholders will be able to check their balance or browse their operation histories, get through the fast and convenient registration process, and pass KYC. 

However, you can still be not sure whether the Agent Card Program’s issuing benefits suits your requirements or not. In this regard, we have no doubt that offering flexible prices would help you change your mind. The diverse and multiple services by Guavapay aren’t limited just to issuing services. Alongside being the card-issuing financial institute the company is also the UnionPay International certified processing center. This fact proliferates the advantages both in price and technical cooperation. No more extra expenses for the 3rd party processing, since Guavapay carries out all operations. This will save you energy, valuable time, and money! 

Moreover, if you choose to use Guavapay Acquiring services you will get all operations at a low rate for you as a merchant because all transactions will be US-ON-US (in the frame of one system).

Customer attraction would be incomplete without mentioning the discount, bonuses, and loyalty programs of the Guavapay Agent Card Program for UnionPay International. Bonuses, rewards, and discounts can be considered quite an incentive to attract more customers, or to get services with significant discounts and save money through earned bonuses.

The customer loyalty programs would only benefit from brand cards, in case you distribute them to everyone interested to get permanent payments on their cards. It will enhance your brand and maximize profitability, also driving your customer acquisition and increasing usage. 

The “Guavapay Agent Card Program for UnionPay” is a big step toward improved business processes, corporate payments, and card management. We do offer modern solutions to fit the needs of large and small businesses and offer the tools to accommodate their needs!

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