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Guavapay assists businesses in adapting to new realities

Guavapay is one of those fintech companies with a vision. Guavapay is on a mission to provide customers with solutions that broaden the borders of traditional methods and assist businesses in making their businesses work in challenging times. 

In retail

    The retail sector is one of those severely affected by Covid-19 and has experienced a drastic shift. According to Accenture, cash usage in the UK rapidly declined by 50% in 2020 and this figure is going to negatively change defining the pandemic as a pivotal moment in replacing payments by cash. Taking into account the vulnerable conditions prevalent around us, Guavapay offers solutions that may allow your business to adapt to rapidly changing circumstances and new customer preferences. Guavapay provides full assistance on the POS hardware and software solutions to meet ever-changing business requirements and ensures a smooth path to compatibility and compliance with payments. 

Moreover, Guavapay offers its customers POS terminals enabled with NFC technology that enables businesses to accept mobile and contactless card payments, which is especially important in a pandemic when contactless, touch-free, and cashless payments are becoming a matter of necessity. 


    In the past decade, we have started witnessing the steady but subtle shift of retail business from the high street to the internet. Online retailers increased in number and as the world became more internet-centric, businesses such as Amazon and Ali Baba grew exponentially. The pandemic has boosted the transition of retail commerce to the online space. The acceleration of E-commerce boosted the emergence of lucrative opportunities to save and improve sales efficiency and maximize revenue. Guavapay provides a full set of services for E-commerce acquiring making it easier for merchants to continue doing business in this difficult time. First of all, to streamline and protect online payments Guavapay introduces Guavapay Ecommerce Payment Gateway (EPG).
    Guavapay EPG enables interaction between e-commerce merchants and an online transaction processing system. The functionality of the Guavapay system module supports the most advanced services in e-commerce accomodating to global trends and an increase in the volume of transactions. 
    The main characteristic of EPG is PA-DSS compliance. It adds security, reduces chargebacks and frauds. If your clients make payments via different payment methods, Guavapay enables you to seamlessly accept cash flows from various payment methods such as Union Pay Express, WeChat Pay, and AliPay, Paypal, Mastercard, UnionPay International payment, and in return provide a positive customer experience.

Delivery Services

    During the pandemic,  delivery services turned out to be vital in encouraging customers to purchase non-essential items and could be pivotal in keeping many businesses afloat. Moving online can be vital for some businesses and nonetheless a significant part of their ongoing business processes. And this is where Guavapay can make life easier.   Guavapay provides Agile and on-the-go Mobile POS-terminal services. Mobile POS-terminal enables individuals or legal entities to transact payments on bank cards via smartphones or tablets by connecting the portable mobile POS-terminal to these devices. The main advantages of the Mobile POS-terminal are its low price and compactness. Guavapay gives your business the opportunity to streamline home delivery payments by offering agile and on-the-go mobile POS-terminals. 

Agent Card Programs

    To effectively manage the payroll issues, small businesses need all-in-one solutions that enable businesses to control payments with their employees. Guavapay offers Agent Card Programs  - a comprehensive tailor-made solution to support business progression.  To prevent payment and payroll inefficiencies, the complicated and wage disbursement system negatively results in business development. During COVID - 19 when most employees work remotely, issues such as smooth wage disbursement are extremely significant in stimulating and reassuring the employees. Effective control and management of wages on prepaid White-labelled and co-branded cards benefit the businesses by optimizing payroll processes.

The pandemic has imposed a global paradigm shift. The world of business has had to forge a new path and expedite progress on the journey towards a digital-only environment where seamless and instant payment is all that matters. Businesses are obliged to transform their traditional strategy, and it appears most of them are struggling to adapt to the sudden changes brought about by COVID-19. This is where Guavapay can help. 

Guavapay can enable you to expand your online presence with all-in-one payment solutions and support all your payment needs. By using Guavapay, you can ensure your customers can continue enjoying your services without any disruption.

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