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Guavapay Internet Acquiring

Guavapay provides you with the internet acquiring tools to keep the business on track, secure stable profit and build outstanding customer experience. Here are key factors why Guavapay provides best internet acquiring services experience:

Solid and reliable payment systems

  • Guavapay is a principal member of MasterCard, UnionPay payment systems therefore you can accept payments made by cards of these payment systems. The direct cooperation with international payment systems and financial companies enables us to provide solid and reliable services at flexible and reasonable prices and extend your market reach.

Be in the time flow and provide trend payment methods

  • Your clients make payments via different payment methods. It’s important to provide customer experience by securing the acceptance of cash flows from various payment methods such as Union Pay Express, WeChat and AliPay via QR or UnionPay bank card. Guavapay also impelements Paypal, Mastercard, UnionPay International payment methods that enables customers with the choice opportunities

Smooth transaction flow

  • E-commerce Payment Gateway (EPG) enables interaction between e-commerce merchants and an online transaction processing system. The functionality of the Guavapay system module supports the most advanced services in the e-commerce sphere taking into account globe trends and increase in volume of transactions. Our EPG is PA-DSS compliant and meets the requirements of the PA-DSS adding security and reducing chargebacks and frauds

Confidence with a secured payment transaction

  • Guavapay takes measures to strengthen and make its payment security infrastructure impenetrable by implementing a multilevel security hierarchy that includes  3D Secure V2, Fraud monitoring system and tokenization. 

  • 3D Secure V2 is a security protocol that provides an extra layer of protection for online credit and debit card purchases and thus it ensures the cardholder's authentication and protection against fraudulent transactions.. 

  • Another security measure that makes Guavapay’s security system more effective and reliable is Fraud Monitoring system.  The compelling system monitors transactions and detects suspicious activity resembling fraudulent transactions and in case the transaction is detected as fraudulent  in positive cases it can block transactions.

  • Tokenization is the process of replacing the sensitive data with another data known as a token to prevent theft from the card. To provide frictionless and secure payment experience Guavapay offers its clients the benefits of the Apple Pay, Google Pay digital wallets as well as the virtual tokenization services by MasterPass.

24/7 call support service

    Our 24/7 call support service is here to provide all qualified consultancy and help services. Professional call-centre specialists will provide support on each stage of integration. Moreover our call center supports IVR and offers its clients services such as balance enquiry, PIN change, status change without the need to wait for connection with the operator 

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