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Guavapay Limited and Siam Commercial Bank

"Guavapay is becoming a major player in the cross-border payment industry, we are proud to announce that we added one more currency - THB - to our list of currencies. Thai Baht is a currency in demand on the global currency markets".

Guavapay Limited is an Electronic Money Institution based in the UK and regulated by Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Guavapay is a hub specialized in the cross border cash and digital payments to meet the customer’s needs, who intends to send/receive money internationally.  Vugar Mammadrzayev, Head of Global Partnerships at Guavapay gives more details about the partnership with Siam Commercial Bank of Thailand that has been recently launched.  


- Mr. Vugar, what are the main reasons why customers should choose Guavapay?

Guavapay provides its customers with a wide range of services.  We provide an opportunity to our customers to execute their payments in GBP, EUR, USD and plus 30 local currencies and move funds to plus 100 countries. Self-onboarding process, online tracking on web-based client portal and money transfer on their behalf are up to customers’ service. Moreover, online customer support, online FX dealing, competitive customized rate and fee (Guavapay treasure team manages the rates in all currencies) – care for customers’ convenience and benefit.  In addition, all the services are provided in a single platform – a web-based client platform: including mass / individual payments, account and cash payouts in 33 currencies and more than 100 countries. 


- Why is the partnership of Guavapay Limited and Siam Commercial Bank so important? How will they benefit from this partnership?

We are very excited about this partnership. It is a chance for us to get our place at the global digital payment industry from EU and UK – Thailand, towards providing payments for bank accounts in BHT currency. Guavapay is becoming a major player in the cross-border payment industry, we are proud to announce that we added one more currency - BHT - to our list of currencies. Thai Baht is a currency in demand in the international FX markets.


- What are customers’ benefit from this partnership?

SCB is one of the leading Banks in Thailand, we are aiming to provide our customers with a direct access to the payment market of Thailand, which our customers will be able to transfer money to any bank account in Thailand through Guavapay’ s physical and digital channels.


This tie up will give more opportunity to Guavapay’ s clients to complete instant account payments in BHT with very competitive rate and fee.

We aim to provide an excellent customer service, a competitive rate to our clients to reduce their FX cost to move money around the world.

As the final conclusion you see that progress never stops. Innovations in constantly changing world bring convenience and profit to your daily life as well as to business. That is why such partnerships would only promote the development and provide customers with advantages of their business. 

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