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Guavapay Merchant Portal

Guavapay Merchant Portal is the place where you can track down all your transaction services in online mode and keep a record of transactions and commissions. Merchant Portal provides an additional channel of communication between merchants and acquiring institutions and due to this fact, the customer can get different acquiring services in one place. It is a web-based solution that enables operators of both registered merchants and the acquirer banks to manage terminals and transactions in detail. Merchants Portal enables the merchants registered in the system to view operations performed on their POS terminals, to set specific restrictions, to get reports, to view current terminal statuses, and use other functions of the module. 

Guavapay Merchant Portal Benefits:

  • User-friendly interface that enables one-click access for already assigned users.
  • POS transactions and their volume can be tracked on a special user-friendly dashboard

  • Virtual POS terminals that enable the real-time card payment validation and reports generation

  • High business efficiency due to tools to keep up with segmentation and customer data where merchants can make decisions to increase sales.  

  • Easy and effective tools to manage reports on POS errors and pending and blocked transactions

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