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Guavapay Payment Security Infrastructure

Guavapay is a high-tech company with the strongest security level that prevents all possible external interference. The company is in compliance with the PCI DSS, PCI PIN Security and PCI 3DS requirements and undergoes the necessary audits annually. For thus it  implies the multilevel security hierarchy that makes all presumably suspicious entries and other frauds impossible. 

One of these steps is the implementation of 3-D Secure V2 - a compelling authentication solution. 3DS2 is a security protocol that provides an extra layer of protection for online credit and debit card purchases and thus it ensures the cardholder's authentication and protection against fraudulent transactions. 

3DS2 prompts the compliance with SCA regulations that stipulate two-factor authentication as a requirement for all electronic payments which enables more effective prevention of fraud transactions.

Moreover, to keep up with the changing market that promotes CNP- transactions 3DS2 makes the experience more secure and user friendly. First, 3DS2 facilitates the data exchange between merchants, card-holders and issuers to achieve more accurate authentication. Due to this CNP-fraud can be easily prevented.

Second, another benefit of using 3DS2 is its “frictionless flow” as merchants can use customer’s issuing bank information instead of the customers’ so there is no need for customers to remember PIN or get redirected to a new webpage. Of course it also contributes to a shortened and convenient authentication process.

Another security measure that makes Guavapay’s security system more effective and reliable is Fraud Monitoring system.  The compelling system monitors transactions and detects suspicious activity resembling fraudulent transactions. In case there are some suspicious transactions it analyzes and determines whether the transaction is fraudulent or not and in positive cases it can block transactions. 

As you can see Guavapay provides the highest level of security to assure the customers in its reliability and confidentiality and takes vigilant actions to keep data safe. 

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