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Guavapay - WeChat Pay

WeChat Pay is an online payment method that allows shoppers in China and Hong Kong to send payments through the WeChat social media mobile application. Originating from being a simple messaging app  WeChat has evolved into a giant system where users can chat and facilitate their payments at the same time. It is one of the most popular payment methods in China, with over 1 billion users that have Wechat and 600 million active users have WeChat Pay for payments. It is expanding rapidly also outside of China in many countries in Asia. WeChat Pay is rapidly becoming one of the key payment methods for businesses that want to reach Chinese shopping audiences, both at home and abroad. With an increasing market share in China and Southeast Asia, WeChat Pay offers customers an easy-to-use and reliable payment method.

WeChat is a perfect method for merchants to win a mass of Chinese shoppers from home and abroad and thus increase your sales volume to new heights. 

Wechat has a market share of nearly 50% compared to other Chinese online payment services, and it is one of the most widely used online payment services in China.

WeChat Pay is the preferred online payment tool of Internet merchants due to its innovative product technology, unique concept, and large user base. 

Guavapay Limited is one of the most progressive and reliable companies that is distinctive for its comprehensive approach to service delivery. If you are set to make your business available to a broader audience then you should choose the acquiring services by Guavapay and thus get access to implementing the WeChat Pay payment method.  Guavapay Limited enables WeChat Pay to provide quick and secure payments for millions of buyers from China to connect them with overseas vendors. 

Provide your customers with outstanding experience by securing payment acceptance from a convenient, secure, and accessible WeChat Pay payment method. Guavapay offers its customers the best and most widely used payment method so to benefit from the opportunities of frictionless payments for flexible and rigid marketing of your business. WeChat Pay provides convenient, quick, and secure payment transaction services to buyers, and by using our Guavapay payments tools businesses can benefit from the WeChat Pay payment method at the most advantageous form and competitive exchange rate.

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