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Small tips on how to update your website and improve your holiday sales.

Holidays are a perfect opportunity to accelerate your sales rate and put the business on the high-speed wheels. Especially now at a peak season with upcoming Christmas when people choose gifts for their loved ones in a hustle and try to rashly get the advantage of an offered discounts it’s a tremendous time to get and increase your sales.

Taking into account the situation with the lockdown and COVID-19 it’s predictable that online store sales will be at their peak time this year and no surprise that many retailers have shifted to online stores. Online stores benefit both merchants and customers when first ones get the chance to leverage their business and get maximum advantage of the sales during lockdown while customers get the comfort to satisfy all their shopping needs in the comfort of their homes. So it’s high time to utilize your store’s activity making it up-to-date and interruptible. Streamline your store sales processes by elaborate marketing, smooth and at-hand payments, and outstanding customer experience. 

Be colorful, be sound and creative! 

Let’s begin with creativity issues such as the web-site design, attractive banners, and announcements. It’s no secret that most customers are driven to shopping by eye-catching, colourful and impressive site themes. It’s not necessary to radically change your site but updating your site theme by adding a few touches to dive the customer into the Christmas atmosphere will set them on holiday shopping. Christmas toys, holiday pictures, the colorful holiday themes would create a warm and lovely surrounding thus customers are motivated to spend more time on your site increasing your revenue. Brisk and notable ads and CTA announcements also motivate the customers to pay extra attention to different advisable products and thus motivate them to shop.

Be fast, be strong, be reliable! Optimize your site

Pay extra attention to on-page and off-page optimization. SEO optimization is critically important for e-commerce websites. With the highly SEO-optimized site, you have an opportunity to get your business exposed on the web and to reach a wider audience. Remember that properly optimized pages are the first thing you will need to maintain website traffic from organic searches.

Optimize your site for high traffic and a convenient shopping experience. If you don’t want to experience site failure during the peak shopping time check out your site for endurance and make sure your site can handle this traffic. Extremely crucial is also the site speed because no visitor would return to a site with a slow speed. It’s advisory to implement beforehand the test speed to prevent emergency cases. 

Set up an easy and simple navigation tool. Your customer won’t waste time browsing through poorly crafted and complex navigation and in most cases would leave for a better place to shop. 

Streamline your payments

One of the most vital sides of online sales is are seamless payments. Nowadays customers while making purchases search for convenient and at-hand tools to make their checkout process easier and faster. That’s why while setting up your online sales the choice of the payments service provider should be done with scrutiny and responsibility. Offer your customers diverse payment methods - Paypal, GooglePay, Alipay, Wechat - the more choice is the better payment experience your customer will have. A lengthy and complicated payment process acts as a barrier for the customers and results in shopping cart abandonment by 30% of people. To learn more about how to set up your store’s payment processing read our article about Guavapay Internet Acquiring  

Put the checkout on wheels

The frictionless checkout process is the basis for keeping your client at your store because most of the customers leave the checkout process unfinished due to an uncomfortable process when they have to re-enter card information, shipping details. Think over and remove all roadblocks such as newsletter subscriptions that prevent your customers from completing their purchases as fast as they want. The checkout process without the need for registration is also a “must” because most people are 

Make your payment checkout process smooth, convenient, and reduce cart abandonment. 

Make your site mobile-optimized

Most people nowadays browse sites via their smartphones and tablets and make their purchases by a mere tap on a touchscreen. Customers value convenience and half of the e-commerce sales fall on mobile sales. Stores that have mobile versions are a step before those who still prefer just traditional online shopping. Offer your customers mobile-friendly service with easy navigation, quick load time, and a simple interface. 

By using these ideas you can smooth out any friction in your commerce channels. The implementation of these ideas doesn't require huge efforts but the results would be surprisingly pleasing. Make the most of holiday sales during a pandemic by delivering your customer's outstanding shopping experience.  

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