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What technology trends will shape fintech in 2023?

Let’s review the latest trends: AI, Metaverse, and Crypto... Last year we’ve heard much about them. Let’s see how these trends are going to shape the future of the tech industry in 2023. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI has made huge strides in 2022 via Chat GPT which was created by Elon Musk’s Open AI foundation. The bot’s main functionality is to generate copies based on human requests.

Chat GPT is expected to make a huge impact on the creative industry, mainly marketing and digitalization. Experts tell that Chat GPT has the ability to write articles based on the future of tech, and to use AI-based tools for research. 

In addition, AI anticipates to influence the media sector. Its usage is going to save time by digging into deeper data and making business decisions cheaper. 


There was too much hype about Metaverse in 2022, however the results were not great. : According to statistics, the stocks of Meta have fallen 65 % in 2022, and also Meta laid off 11 thousand employees. However, the CEO of Meta - Mark Zuckerberg maintained high expectations, stating that the virtual reality world isn’t something that can happen instantly.

Metaverse was expected to be a big bet, but it takes a lot to happen. The expectations are positive about virtual reality when it comes to the educational sector: the usage of virtual reality is expected to increase for educational and training purposes in the near future.


2022  wasn’t a great year for cryptocurrencies, as the industry saw the collapse of FTX which was the third-largest crypto exchange in the world. As a result, the crypto market lost more than 1.3 trillion euros. Thus, the crypto and web3 industries felt huge turbulence, mainly by the rise and fall of Terra Luna and FTX. This journey seems to be promising in focusing more on blockchain and decentralized finance (Defi) in 2023. 

Experts also see the future of a multi-chain ecosystem positively, as it makes the customer journey easier by disabling switching among networks while transactions. They claim that the most promising thing about ecosystem growth is enabling the integration of technology. 

Coming to the investment strategy of 2023 to the crypto world, nowadays investors are more likely to take the “wait and see” attitude. The increase in the usage of technology in the industry is expected to grab the investors’ attention more. 

The future of FinTech

The startup ecosystem has seen the FinTech boom since 2020. According to the latest statistics, the UK has been home to the FinTechs, as the result, over 2500 FinTechs were established in London in 2022. 

Data from investment management shows that FinTechs got funded 6 billion USD in 2020, and 19 billion USD in 2021, but this number has dropped by 25 % in 2022, according to the Q3 results. These results made the experts predict that the growth of the FinTech industry is expected to slow down, but that  doesn’t mean the collapse of the industry. Data shows that the number of newly founded fintech startups has dropped by 85 % since 2020. The pandemic was surely the main reason for the boom of the fintech industry. 

Tech regulations in the world for 2023

Governmental regulations are likely to get bigger in 2023, especially in cryptocurrency. The financial law aims to maintain stability and protect investors’ safety and interests while promoting the crypto sector. Meanwhile, Digital Services Act (DSA) will be implemented starting by the 1st of September, 2023. This act will be mainly implemented in social media to prevent hate speeches, misinformation, and fraud causes. 

Let’s wait and see what kind of changes is waiting for us: will the predictions turn into reality? Or unexpected changes may cause something we’ve never seen before? 

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